Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday's Activities

Mark started grading the driveways maybe just a little too early. There were kids sleeping on the trampoline that got rudely awakened. Joan and her kids and grandkids all packed up their motorhome and drove out to Norris where they will camp for the weekend. We decided to camp at the lake. Phil and Anna will be camping in the trailer while David and Israel are hoping to camp in a tent or maybe Rachel's tent trailer. The trail rides were suppose to start at 9:00 am but everyone had slept in as last night was a late night around the campfire. The first ride of the day started around 10:00 am.  Below they are heading down to the 'death trails'

Those were the only pictures taken of that first ride as I was helping get mowers hooked up to the tractors. Mark mowed the pastures and the perimeter of the field.
Spark used the smaller Kubota and mowed his place. Diane had Irelyn and Crew for the weekend. They spent the night in the cabin then came over to play with Braelyn, Taegan and Kensley.

Mike pulled Ripper out for training first long lining him.
 Valiant came running over to check out that new boy horse on the property. Valiant doesn't realize Ripper has already been gelded and is not a threat.
 After the first trail ride the horses were taken back to the barn for the next group going out. This was the easy ride for kids. Below Anni and Hannah are taking Sally back to the barn.  
 Braelyn was so very proud that she got to ride Cookie all by herself for the very first time outside of the round pen.
 Below is Anni and Taegan coming back from a ride. Taegan was so happy. 
 Braelyn took riding Cookie very serious. Even when Cookie had to go fast, she held on real tight and didn't scream. 
 Below is Mike on Ripper. This was the first time Ripper has been ridden with a group of horses. 
 Anna and Kensley had a fun ride on Jenis.
 Austin enjoyed Oksana. He rode her the last time and did well with her. 

The horses were put away and those going to Norris took off. Phil and Anna took the girls in a canoe and fished. They actually caught 2 little turtles (not with the fishing poles). The girls named them Pongo and Flower and played with them for a few hours before letting them go. 
This evening we cooked around the campfire. Phil and Mark moved the trailer over for tomorrow and hooked it up. Sarah posted a few pictures of their trip to Iceland.
 By looking at the  pictures I think it is probably wet and cold but they sure look like they are having a great time.

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