Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Maybe Eliza

This morning Eliza's milk had changed from yellow to white but no waxing. Her calcium was tested and she is right at 250 meaning the foaling may or may not happen tonight. Actually it is a slightly better than a 50/50 chance.
She is stalled and on the monitor which I will check on during the night. I'm pretty exhausted so if she does foal I'll probably miss it.
Wednesday's at the Berean office is for entering the Bible requests and printing out the labels. We have a little less than 90 to go out tomorrow.  Dave and Cindy entered them while I worked on the copy machine.
Once home the foals were taken out one at a time for pictures. The last time Rhoda and I tried to do this none of the pictures turned out. Today went much better. Lola's filly was first. She is always a joy to work with, she loves people and loves to show off. Below she is wading through the long grass while her mom grazes.

 Above she is making her mom chase her and below she is showing her 'air time' by her big springing trot. Notice how high she gets off the ground. 
She was having a ball running back and forth between the barn and her mom. 
Next out was Star's filly. She was napping in one of the shelters and had to do a big stretch when I asked her to get up. 
 She is an elegant filly with good movement. Don't think she is gray by the pictures. This filly was born silver and should end up blueblack. 
 In the picture below she was jumping for joy. 
She has quite an arched neck and likes to flaunt it. 
Zalena's colt was out next. He is a perfect example of a Friesian foal with his long neck, rounded rear end, short back, pitch black coat and an abundance of hair. 

Last out was Soul's filly. 

 She was holding a stem in her mouth and looked over as if to say, "hey buddy, do you have a light?"
We are having tremendous winds today. We drove over to  pick mom up for church and found mom out looking for her umbrella. She had it closed up on her deck when a huge gust of wind picked it up and threw it somewhere. We found it up on her roof on the other side of the house. Of course we left it up there and started down the drive but had to stop and back up. A tree fell across the drive. We were able to get out to the road by going around our house and taking the barn drive. Mike Rieker had the message tonight. After church we stopped at Dollar General in Hanna City to pick up some orange juice mom wanted to take over to Joan's. Faith hasn't been feeling well and mom is sure she needs orange juice. We met Logan and Steven coming in as we were getting ready to check out. The tree was still across the drive tonight so everyone has to drive around our house to get home. It is much too late to get the equipment out to move it. That will need to wait until tomorrow morning. Eliza's stall was cleaned and her calcium level checked again, it is still right at 250. She is not acting like she is in labor so I will probably head to bed. We are hearing the rumble of thunder and it seems to be coming our way. All of our windows are open to let in the cool night air but if the rain comes we will need to start shutting windows quickly. 

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