Monday, May 29, 2017

Sunday's Activities

Rick Kaisner was in Peoria and had the morning service. We are always so thankful when he, his wife Michelle and their 4 children come to visit Rick's parents. Tim announced him from Chicago but really from Peoria and that is exactly how we feel. I can't wait until his message is posted on AC central so I can listen to it again.
After church we had a big group come. Phil and Anna with their 3 girls are camping in the camper while David and Israel borrowed a tent from Rhonda. The kids had fun canoeing, swimming, fishing and turtle hunting. Phil caught another 2 tiny turtles for Braelyn and Taegan but both turtles were able to escape and swim away after less than a half hour. Braelyn caught a fish with her bare hands, then a bit later brought down a huge bull frog. We are thankful when all of the catches are able to get free and back into the lake. Lots of family came for volleyball and then singing around the campfire while big slabs of that salty delicious heartattackonastick, otherwise known as bacon was simmering on sticks over the fire. Later the goodies were brought out for dessert and of course lots of that sticky sweet treat somemores were made. We played games and then sat around visiting until late into that night. It was well after 11:00 pm by the time the last of the talkers made it to bed. And today we get to do it all over again! Sarah and Rhoda posted more pictures of Iceland. I'm glad they have internet where they are staying so we get to see some of these waterfalls too. While they were hiking they found a lamb on the wrong side of the fence. Rhoda was able to catch it and put it back with the herd.

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