Thursday, May 11, 2017

Roxanne's Injury

Karin drove to Middle Grove to work horses this afternoon after work and called to report Roxanne was injured. She didn't want to put weight on her left hind leg and the leg was swollen. Karin was able to walk her down to the road so I could pick her up on the truck and trailer. It was hard to get her into the trailer. When I got back to the farm her leg was hosed down and checked for an injury but neither Karin or I can find any marks. She seemed to walk better after the hosing. She was stalled and tomorrow morning if it is no better or worse I'll call Dr. Hoerr. Praying it is nothing serious. The other worry is that she lost the foal she is carrying. I checked her on Saturday, she was still pregnant, Diane and Mike were out Sunday she was still pregnant, Karin was out on Monday and she was still pregnant. She is due August 7th so hopefully she is just tucked up because of the pain in her leg.
Dan came over this afternoon for a visit. Emma is so funny with Dan's dog Diesel. He is much taller than she is and and she is just not use to a dog being bigger than her. Diesel is a great Dane.
How could she not love a face like that.  He loves the ladies and is a sharp dresser at times. Below he is all ready to take Sophia and Kery to the prom.
Sue stopped in today while I was at work to give us some whips and other horse items. She is moving and did a clean out. We are always glad for horse stuff. THANKS SUE!

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