Monday, May 15, 2017

Around the Farm

The swelling is going down some on poor Roxanne's leg but now I can see a lump right where she is sore. So sore she doesn't want me to touch her leg and is still struggling with walking. She is turned out in the big field so she doesn't have to walk to eat.
 Below is the sore leg. The lump is on the inside of her leg just below the chestnut. The rest of the leg is still swollen and painful even though she has been on high doses of antibiotics, banimine and bute. 
 Below she saw me coming and walked up the hill. So if it is cracked it must still be in place or she wouldn't be putting any weight on it. 
Hoerr vet clinic was called and I put in a request for Dr. Hoerr to bring out his x-ray machine when he comes on Friday. The problem is if it is a crack she is not to be walking on it but if it isn't a crack she needs to be walking on it. After the morning chores were done I drove to Sam's club for groceries. Today is down right HOT, with temperatures in the upper 80's and we have no working air conditioner. The snake that crawled in our outdoor unit did more than take out the furnace. I'm thankful we have ceiling fans. Roxanne was taken into the stall barn, where we actually do have air. Not that it was turned on, the barn is so well insulated it was cool enough with just the overhead fans on.  Today is also the first day the flies are bad outside.  Once she was comfortable the camera was taken out to the pond pasture to get a few updated pictures for the website. Emma followed me over but stopped first to cool off in the pond.
Soul's filly came running past first. Soul's filly is half Andalusian and half Friesian. She is what they call a Warlander. This breed is very easy to train, athletic enough to go all the way to the very top levels of dressage plus have the sweet willing disposition to want to please the owner. She is for sale for $5000.00. 
 Zalena takes her time walking over to the pasture but check out those lips!
 The gander did not like Emma coming down to the pond and was quick to posture. 

 He settled down as soon as he realized Emma wasn't going to be swimming near his mate. 
Ayanna (left) Rosalie (right) were watching the action between the geese and Emma. These two mares are full sisters both out of Lily by Raven. Ayanna was here to get bred and will be leaving this week for Middle Grove, Rosalie is here for her ultrasound scheduled for Friday. They were both bred to Evan. 
 Evan was also watching but his nose was right behind a spider web. 
Below is Zalena's colt getting ready to gallop across the dam. He is such an impressive colt. He is a purebred Friesian and it shows. He has that long arched neck perfect body and big movement. Did I mention he is for sale? His price is just $8000.00 which considering his quality is a bargain. Zalena and Valiant have fancy fancy foals. He is going to make someones dream come true for sure. 
 Below is Star's filly. She too has a very nice arched neck. This filly was the foal that got a small cut on her leg and it became infected. She was treated but today I noticed there is still some swelling at the cut. That is another patient for Dr. Hoerr to look at when he comes on Friday. 
 The absolute favorite here at the farm right now is Lola's filly by Valiant. This filly just loves people. She watches for them and when they come walking up she is the first to show up for attention. She too is for sale and would love a person of her own. She is only $4000.00. 
Now I know I'm a little prejudiced about the colt below. But take a look at that LONG neck, LONG legs and short back. He is a friendly fellow but unfortunately for all those interested, this one is already sold. He is 75% Friesian 25% warmblood and has the movement to prove it. He also thinks he is the king around here. He is such a show-off.  This is Lily's colt by Valiant. 
The other foal here right now NOT for sale is Sheena's filly by Valiant. She is half Friesian half Thoroughbred and will be retained by Horsemeister for our herd. She will be trained to ride and at 3 years of age bred to Evan. She is another fancy filly but the real reason why we want her is this is the first filly Sheena has thrown. Her other 2 foals by Valiant were colts. We were wanting to keep the bloodlines going of Sheena AND Valiant. These foals, besides being absolutely beautiful are athletic and can compete at upper levels with no problem. 
Mom came over this afternoon, the yard got sprayed and her carpet cleaned all at the same time so she brought the dogs to stay while everything dried. We listened to Craig Stickling on the AC central. This evening Sarah Reinhard sent the pictures from yesterday and today's fun at Norris. Check out these monsters! Nate has Norris producing the biggest trophy fish in the entire Midwest.

 Can you imagine the fight these huge bluegill gave as they were being pulled in. 
 Check out Berlica's face while Sarah holds up this huge catfish. She didn't want to get too close to those stingers. 
 She has no problem with the other fish in this lake.. as long as she doesn't catch a muskie. Those have huge teeth. 
Tonight is their last night staying at Norris. The kids had a wonderful time. A special thanks to Beth and Greg for making this possible.

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