Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Winter Jackets in May

The SUN was shining this morning on our walk. What a welcome sight but we still needed winter jackets. The wind was brisk and the thermometer was barely out of the 30s. When we reached the cabin field Anna's filly and Hadassah's filly were laying down together so cute but by the time I got the phone out to snap a picture Anna's filly got up and started walking.
These two fillies are the best of friends and are always together. We quit after 1 round, Ruth had to get to work and mom and I had to leave for the Berean office. To read about our morning there click HERE.
As soon as I got home the foals were checked then mares teased. Star was covered by Valiant. Lily is now in season and will be covered tomorrow. This evening Mark and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. We stopped at the lake siphon to check how it was working. That is working amazing and the lake dropped probably a foot or more. Below Mark is cleaning out the siphon pipe which moss had clogged a bit.
 We finished our walk going through the fields to check the growth. With all this rain they should need cutting by the end of this month but only if the sun comes out and the weather turns warm. That's not going to happen anytime soon according to the weather. We have had the wood burning going strong all day and just stuffed it with logs for tonight.
Sheena and Ella were brought in for the night but the other mares and foals were left out. No rain predicted tonight. That will sure help with the workload tomorrow morning.

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