Friday, May 5, 2017

Sheena Has a Filly

Sheena delivered a big all black filly early this morning. This mare! She has been stalled every night for the last few days but last night after checking her udder, showing her udder to Rhoda and no rain predicted she was left out. The good thing is I got a great night's sleep, the not so good is the filly does have some mud on her but not much. With Mark's help I was able to get them into a stall, iodine the cord and check over both Sheena and her new daughter.
 The filly is perfect. She is tall, nice straight legs, and actually was born with feather. 
 She was nursing well when I found them so all is well. 
Sheena belongs to Mike and this is the first filly she has ever produced so this filly is NOT FOR SALE! She will be kept, trained and bred to Evan at age 3.

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