Friday, May 12, 2017


The good news must be shared, we were beginning to suspect the worst with Roxanne's leg, thinking maybe it was cracked. This morning Roxanne did not want to put any weight on her left hind. Hoerr Vet clinic was called and she was hauled in first thing this morning. It turned out she had a small cut that got infected and the leg swelled up so hot and tight it HURT. While she was there getting treated for the infection Dr. Hoerr did a rectal and found out YES she IS still pregnant so good news all around. Roxanne was in so much pain from the leg she was all tucked up making us believe she had lost the foal. Emily just happened to be at the vet office getting her dog Bernie his rabies shot. We had a nice visit and she helped with Roxanne. Roxanne was taken back to the farm and put in with Ella, she needs to walk to reduce swelling and grazing will help that, she was started on 2 kinds of antibiotics and will need shots for the next 4 days but what a relief.
Ayanna is still in and covered by Evan. Foxy is now out. She was loaded up and taken to Middle Grove where she will stay until it is time for her ultrasound. Karin met me during her lunch hour and together we hiked up to find Rosalie and Eliza. Rosalie is now home for her ultrasound which isn't scheduled until Friday but I wanted her here in case she comes in. She is due for her next cycle on Monday. Eliza is due June 7th but typically delivers early. Rhoda came this afternoon so today was picture day for all the foals. First though we brought Rosalie out, what an impressive mare.
We took hundreds of pictures then went into download them and the above picture was the only picture that could be downloaded. The rest were all corrupted. That was a waste of an afternoon. This evening the foals were checked and Eliza and Sheena brought in for their grain. Mark filled the trailer with water and turned the electricity on. Lee and Rhoda are spending the night in their. Our very first guests.

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