Thursday, May 4, 2017

Puppies Vet Visit

Mark came out early to help get the flat tire off the trailer. The horses were put out and the stalls cleaned all before breakfast.
Ruth was sick today and not able to walk, Diane is still in Gulf Shores and Joan is still living at Norris so it was just mom and I today. We quit after one round so I could get the Berean mail at TEMCO. To read about our morning there click HERE. Now I try to be a patient person, at least I think I try but inefficiency drives me crazy and unfortunately that is a short trip. Today was a lesson in patience that I failed miserably. We finished the Berean work early giving us enough time to run to Bob Evans for a late breakfast. When I walked into the restaurant I told the lady seating us that I was in a hurry and would need a FAST waitress. When the waitress arrived I asked her, "are you an experienced waitress?" She replied, "yes, I'm the fast waitress." At that point I told her that I needed to order and have my order put in now as I had to leave in 20 minutes and she could come back once that was done to get the other ladies' order. She did and when she came back to get the other ladies' order I asked her again, "Did you put my order in?" "I'm in a hurry." She told me yes your order is in. Well after 45 minutes the food wasn't here and we had not seen hide nor hair of our waitress. I grabbed the hostess and asked her to just box up my food, give me the ticket as by now I was late.
Right after that the waitress shows up with 3 plates of food. I told her "take mine back and box it up," "I'M  LATE!" She disappeared again and when the food didn't arrive in a few minutes I just gave Sarah my credit card and told her to bring my food home. SO...I won't be going back to Bob Evan's anytime soon if ever. This really makes me miss Tammy at Denny's across the river. When we needed to be in and out there she ALWAYS made it happen.
When I finally arrived home an hour later than promised, Rhoda was waiting to help with the foals. I needed to get the hair pulled for the registry. I have 9 ready to send in but still need to complete the rest of the paper work.  When we went to the cabin to bring Zalena and her colt over Hadassah and her filly were napping together.
 Once the hair was pulled on all the foals, Wicktoria and Bethany, Lily was teased and covered by Valiant. Rhoda pulled out Wicktoria for a round pen lesson. We weren't able to practice loading the trailer was up on jacks waiting to have the tire replaced but the rest of the lesson went well.
 Notice the air time in the picture above. 
Wicktoria can be sonagrammed next week to see if she settled. If she did she and Bethany will get to go to Middle Grove. We barely got back in the house when Sarah arrived with the puppies. Today was their 4 week vet appointment. That went amazing. The puppies all passed their exam with flying colors. Three of them weigh 2.2 pounds and 2 of them weigh 2.6 pounds. Dr Keil their vet gave them each a thorough exam and pronounced them healthy.
We took a bunch of pictures for the website. To see them click HERE. We took them outside to play in the grass when the sun came out a bit. Even Emma let them play on her. They are so cute we made a short video.
This evening Mark brought the trailer tire back all fixed and together we put it back on the trailer. The truck and trailer were moved out of the arena and a new bale put in the middle paddock. Zalena was stalled as a man was coming to look at her colt tomorrow morning but he had to cancel until next week. Zalena and her colt were taken back to the cabin field. We are not expecting rain so Ella and Sheena are left out tonight.
Two pictures were posted tonight by past customers. The first picture is of a Raven son out of a Thoroughbred mare. They named the colt Magic and he exceeded all of their dreams.
The next picture is of Star's filly's FULL sister. She is just 2 years old and just look at how beautiful she turned out.

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