Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Peoria's South Side Academy Visits

News came today from the owner of Nikki, a mare that had been bred to Evan last year. She delivered a beautiful black filly early this morning. Pictures below were taken right after delivery.

 The picture below was taken later today after they were let outside. 
Rachel invited the South Side Academy out to her house and of course they needed to stop in and see a few horses. Karin pulled Evan out first.
 The very first thing Evan did was drop and roll then really rubbed in all that sand by rolling all the way over again and again. So much for pretty pictures of a clean stallion.
 Evan loves attention by people and right after rolling has to go over to get petted before working. 
 When Karin asked him to work, he had to show off his moves including his airs above the ground by kicking and bucking as he galloped around the round pen. 

 He is such a show-off.  Karin showed the students how he needs to obey when asked and if he doesn't obey she made him work. 

 When he settled down and did everything she asked him to do, he finished it up with a bow, lay down and sit and only then was allowed to go back over to the students. 
 They were quick to pick grass for him as a special treat and Evan took it all very carefully out of their hands. He really is a good boy. 
 Next the students were taken into the stall barn to visit the 2 foals we have here. Sheena's filly was first and then Eliza's colt. Below is Eliza's colt coming up for attention. 
 Notice Ruby the small dog down at the right hand corner of the stall door? Ruby and this colt play together when they are out in the field. Ruby was a hit with the students too. 

From here they went to the playground and enjoyed a beautiful day on their field trip here.  The rest of my day was spent working in the barn or in the house trying to catch up on things left undone over the holiday weekend. There was no Berean today as the post office was closed yesterday and it is not open early enough to get today's mail before we need to start work. The next time we will work at the Berean office will be Thursday and will need LOTS of help! Anyone wanting to donate a few hours on Thursday June 1st we will start at 9:00 am. The Bibles will also be delivered that day so could really use some strong guys.

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