Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hot Middle Grove Trip

Good news this morning. Roxanne's leg was much better, the infection came to a head and burst draining a big pocket of pus down her leg. She was walking better and was ready to go out. Hoerr Vet clinic was called to cancel the x-ray machine. Dr. Hoerr was right, it was just the infection making her leg so sore. I have to stop second guessing the expert. Her leg was hosed off and soaked to help remove the pus. Tomorrow morning she will have her last shot, which is a long lasting antibiotic called Exceed.
Tuesday's is our big Berean day. We had 2 new volunteers come today and all of the work was done before noon. It was a good morning's work. To read about that click HERE.
As soon as I got back from Berean Roxanne was stalled then Ayanna loaded up to take to Middle Grove. She will be brought back in a couple weeks for her ultrasound but meanwhile she may as well be out grazing on the lush green grass at Middle Grove. When the halter was taken off she stood quietly for a moment listening.
 Then took off at a gallop up the hill. The horses are always so thrilled to be back with the herd. 
I started the long hike in to find them. They were not at the watering hole so I just kept climbing. When I finally found the herd they were at the highest point of this pasture all drowsing or grazing in the sunshine. The picture below was taken with the zoom lens. I had quite a hike to reach them. It is really hot today but the wind was blowing which helped.
I took the camera along to get some updated pictures of Anna's filly and Hadassah's filly for the website.
Above Anna's filly is to the left while Hadassah's filly was nursing. Below is Hadassah's filly. 

 Anna's filly is still impressive even with that brown foal coat. She is a rich black underneath, had a long neck and already has thick curly feather. Her tail is also long, she was swishing at a fly in the picture below. 
 Off in the distance I saw another mare and foal pair and was confused. Only when I reached them did I realize this was Wicktoria and Bethany. They are not related but stick together like a mare and foal pair. 
 Foxy is doing well out there. She is another mare that will need to come back in a couple weeks for an ultrasound to see if she settled. 
Karin haltered Jewel then she stayed to train horses while I led Jewel down to the truck. We were followed for a while by Easter Lilly. 
 Ripper followed us down to the salt block. 
 Mika too came down to the watering hole. 
The only horse that followed us all the way down to the gate was Ripper. He was sad when Jewel was put in the trailer and only when he couldn't see her any more did he leave at a gallop back up the hill.
Jewel loaded like the well behaved mare she is and we were on our way home. To see the rest of the Middle Grove pictures click HERE.
She was put in with Rosalie and the first thing she did was walk over to Evan and show. She isn't due to cycle so will need to be sonagrammed on Friday to find out what is going on with her uterus. Zalena is also showing and she was covered this afternoon by Valiant.
Mark planted 2 tomato plants this evening. We are getting a late start on those compared to mom. Her's have been growing inside her house until it was warm enough to transplant them in her garden. Phil dropped the girls off this evening. We played at the playground then Braelyn and Taegan took turns learning how to drive the golf cart.

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