Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Someone asked me tonight why I'm not posting pictures of the horses. The answer to that questions MUD. There is just so much mud everywhere. We are expecting rain again tonight.
This morning it was sunny but only 34 degrees outside.  Mark came out to help early this morning to help load horses. Anna and Hadassah had ultrasounds scheduled at 8:30 am in Morton, IL so that meant I needed to bring them over from the cabin field, stall them to put halters on the foals then back the trailer half way into the indoor arena for loading. The foals loaded pretty well, even Mark was impressed. On the way to the vet clinic I was delayed by an accident at the intersection of airport road and the 474 ramp. This caused me to be late by about 8 minutes. Hadassah went first and it didn't take long for Dr. Hoerr to find the embryo.
She is 20 days along. Anna was last and she was also pregnant at 25 days.
When I was loading the mares Aaron, the guy helping load noticed a hissing sound coming out one of the trailer tires and found where a piece of metal was stuck in the tire. At least it was a slow enough leak I was able to make it home with the horses. They were going to go straight to Middle Grove but instead they were unloaded and taken back over to the cabin field. Hopefully Mark can help get the tire off for repair soon, the trailer is needed, for a scheduled trail ride on Saturday and it will need to go to Middle Grove to pick up the horses for that trail ride on Friday. This afternoon Soul was teased and did not show so was marked out. Lily was teased and covered by Valiant.
Ella and Sheena were brought inside before church tonight, rain is predicted again tonight.

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