Friday, May 5, 2017

Moving Mares

Anna dropped off the girls early today, we had a ball playing at the playground, building sand castles and picking wild flowers. At 2:30 Mark came home to watch the girls while I hauled Anna, Hadassah and their two fillies out to Middle Grove. Karin met me there, helped unload first 2 50 pound salt blocks then the horses and then we started that long hike in to find the herd. We heard the thundering of hooves first then saw them running toward us all riled up to meet the new foals but they turned and galloped off into the distance. That meant a long hike up and down the hills before we found them all settled down grazing. Missy was quick to attach herself to Anna.
Missy loves the foals and wants to have her own so very badly but is always in too much of a demand as a riding horse to breed. Ripper was very interested in Hadassah's filly and kept trying to creep close but Hadassah was quick to run him off. It is so interesting watching herd dynamics. We haltered Easter Lily, Jenis, Oksana, Missy and Sally, walked them down to the trailer and stuffed all 5 in the big 4 horse. Once back at the farm Soul, her filly and Star with her filly were taken over to the cabin field to join Zalena and Lola with their foals. Lily was moved into the paddock next to the barn. We have a lady coming tomorrow to see her colt. After she leaves Lily will be moved over with the other 4 mare and foal pairs. They stay at the cabin until time for their ultrasound then hauled out to Middle Grove once confirmed in foal. The 5 horses we brought were all put in the middle paddock. Karin came after supper to work with Easter Lily.
This will be her first trail ride tomorrow. The other mares are all experienced. Sheena's new filly is doing well. She is really a beautiful filly. Hopefully tomorrow I can get her outside for a few pictures for the website. She is not for sale. This is Sheena's very first filly by Valiant, her other two were colts. Sheena has excellent bloodlines in the Thoroughbred world and those mixed with Valiant's can't help but make a fantastic filly.
Mark and I went over to mom's for game night. We were joined by Karin and Joan. A fun time was had but we started late and ended after 10:00 pm

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