Sunday, April 30, 2017


We drove down to Meister's on the way to church to make sure it wasn't flooding, it wasn't but Kickapoo creek was very close to overflowing the road. By this afternoon it had. Dan stopped in to check out Meister's this afternoon and took this picture. This is Kickapoo Creek Rd just past Meister's heading toward Bartonville.
Check out the flooding of the Peoria Speedway on Farmington Rd. taken by Brandon Zeone II

We are very thankful we live up on a hill. The houses and barns around here are still dry. The rain is still coming down but not as hard as yesterday. We had another 3/4 of an inch today on top of the 4 inches already saturating the fields. The lake was a worry this morning, a couple big logs were obstructing the overflow pipe. Karin and Sarah went out in the canoe to try to move them, the suction caught the canoe paddle and broke it. Philip came over and helped Mark move them. He got in the canoe and put the log puller on while Mark used the skid steer to pull them out. The siphon is flowing well now.  The lake was very close to overflowing. The sound of rushing water is the first thing one hears when outside. So much water.
We had a most wonderful day in church. Craig Stickling had the morning service reading Psalm 46. Our God is OUR refuge and our strength. It was almost exactly 46 years ago I gave my heart to my Lord Jesus. I've never regretted the decision and truly knowing each day that goes by is one day closer to my real home makes that decision grow sweeter every day. This afternoon we had 3 baptisms.
After church Karin came over to help tease and cover mares. Zalena was first and she is now out, Galena is out, and Jewel is out. That made Evan the choice for Soul as Star and Lily are both coming in. Tomorrow Star will be covered by Valiant IF she is still showing.
We had company for dinner, David, Stephanie, Israel, Elisabet, Phil, Anna, Braelyn, Taegan, Kensley and Karin. After supper we all went over to play games at mom's house and were joined by Joan, Sarah, Hannah, Faith, Berlica, Mackinson, and Ruth. Mom had a houseful. Mark took the grandchildren out fishing until the rain forced everyone back in the house. Dan and his boys Abram and Levi stopped in to check the lake siphon. He took this  short video clip of how well it was working.
This evening Sheena was stalled. She is due May 1st and is very restless. Her udder is not full but with this cold and rainy weather and the terrible mud she needs to be inside just in case. She is not happy being stalled but will have to get use to it. The 5 mares with young foals are all sharing the indoor arena. This morning it took over an hour to clean up the manure and clean stalls for 12 horses. Sure not use to working that hard on a Sunday morning. Oh well this too shall pass. 


  1. Glad you are all high and dry! It always amazes me, when I see the immense damage just a few days/inches of rainfall can do, how people scoff at the Biblical global flood! 40 days and nights of non stop rain all over the globe?! Come on, people!! You know that was absolutely catastrophic! Have you heard about the Ark Encounter they built in Tennessee? Life-size replica of the Ark. It is huge!! Anyway, hope you have good helpers for your horsey duties. I worked 6 months at a barn cleaning stalls, feeding, etc, in exchange for a lesson and more riding time. Yikes! That was before we bought Sunny. I realized I was just too old to keep that up. Hands went numb every night and my shoulder messed up too. So thankful for our Sunny boy!

    1. I've heard about the ARK and can't wait to see it. My kids have gone and were amazed. To think Noah did that ALL by hand!