Saturday, May 20, 2017

Ella Has a Colt

He was born tonight at 10:30 pm. How wonderful that we didn't have to lose a night's sleep. Karin came over to watch and it was a good thing she came. The colt was big and his shoulder's got stuck. Ella was not making any progress so Karin stepped in to pull. She thought she was going to just give a gentle tug when Ella was contracting but when she tugged the foal didn't move, not even a tiny bit. It took a all of her strength and all of Ella's to push this big boy out. He is a solid dark bay and will be gorgeous.
It started raining again so we both left, me to watch the monitor to make sure he stands and nurses and Karin to bed. Lucky Karin! He stood at 40 minutes but Ella had laid down again so I had to go back up to the barn in the rain to ask Ella to stand while he searched for the milk bar. He is so tall that it took until 11:42 pm for him to finally latch on. 

 He is shockingly filled out and I can't get over his tail. I think this is the longest thickest tail we have ever seen on a newborn colt. 

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  1. Can't wait to see more pictures! Glad the mama and baby are both OK! 💖👍