Sunday, May 14, 2017

Brittany Puppies

Yes I AM posting about more puppies but this time they belong to my niece Tara and her husband Jay. THESE ARE BRITTANYS (formally known as Brittany Spaniels). They are registered American Brittanys and there are just 2 orange and white males left in this litter. They will be ready to take home June 17th, and can be adopted into YOUR family for only $500.00. If interested in one of these puppies please read the rest of this blog post.
These are working dogs but more than just a hunting dog they are incredibly kid friendly.
Brittanys were bred as gundogs, and they definitely have birds on the brain. Although they’re often called Brittany Spaniels, the American Kennel Club dropped the word “spaniel” from this pointing breed’s name in 1982. The energetic Brittany is a versatile family companion and hunting dog who works more closely to the hunter than other pointing breeds.
All dogs like to have "work" to do, but Brittanys are especially task-oriented. You can't leave your Brittany home alone all day while you go to work and then expect him to be mellow and want to lie at your feet when you come home. Not going to happen with this dog! He will have a day's worth of energy and affection pent up, and he'll be bursting at the seams to expend both. Brittanys require an hour or more of exuberant exercise every day, which makes them unsuitable for most apartment dwellers.
They have a lifespan of 10 to 13 years.
Brittanys are remarkable in many ways. Their medium size — 30 to 40 pounds and 17 to 20 inches tall — is attractive to families and sportsmen alike. They're not too big to stay in the house or travel with you in your car if you have a passion for hunting. And they're versatile. Brittanys have won more dual championships than any other breed. A dual championship means that the dog has won championships in both field trials and conformation shows.
These puppies have been well socialized by Tara and Jay's girls. If you have a farm or have the room for a Brittany these puppies are an amazing buy at only $500.00. They are quality. Their mom is pictured below.

They are not hard to keep clean, just regular brushing 1 or 2 times a week. Their coat naturally sheds dirt and mud if allowed to dry. 
IF you still want to buy one of these very special beautiful fat cuddly sweet puppies please contact Jay direct. 309-219-1161 or email him at  

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