Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rain Forest

It was raining again this morning so the walk was called off but no one remembered to call mom or Ruth. Those two walked with umbrellas. I really needed to leave early today for Berean and had lots of work to do out in the barn first. We had a great time at the Berean office today to read about our morning there click HERE.
The rain briefly stopped by the time I got home, just giving me enough time to get a few pictures of Ella's colt for the website.

Below is one of the favorites. He had just tasted some grass and wrinkled up his nose showing me his gums. His teeth will be coming in soon but at 3 days he still has none.
If you would like to see the rest of his pictures click HERE. They were turned out to graze and about that time Lily and her colt named Apollo by his owner came up. Apollo is exactly 1 month old today so they were taken out so I could get his owner updated pictures.

If you would like to see the rest of those pictures click HERE. It started raining again and by the time the horses were all put away I was drenched. It really is like we are living in a rain forest. 
Tomorrow after work I need to get updated pictures of Eliza's colt AND pull hair from him, Sheena's filly and Ella's colt for their registration papers. These 3 need to be named before those papers can be sent in. 
This evening the sunset was amazing. The storm clouds were building again in the west with a golden lining. 
I was trying to get a picture of the fog hanging low before the next storm came rolling in but didn't do near as well as David J  Sauder. Check out his picture below: 
 Rachel posted a couple really beautiful pictures of the sunset reflected on the lake. Those two are below. 

Thanks RACHEL for letting me steal these. 

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