Thursday, May 25, 2017

More Dogs

We had quite a walk this morning. I'm puppy sitting Rhoda's dog Ruby and  Sarah's dog Rizzy while they are in Iceland and mom has Molly's dog Teddy, tomorrow Diane will have Andrew's dog Coco. So on our walk we have more dogs than people. At this point they are either big or small with nothing in between. Emma is the big dog on the walk weighing in at 175 pounds. The small dogs are Ebby, Molly, Coco, Teddy, Rizzy and Ruby. At one point a rabbit ran across the path but only Ebby and Ruby went after it, the rest of them are just not hunters. Of course they came back covered in little burrs.
Today at the Berean office we stuffed and wrapped every Bible in the place then labeled and mailed out 87. To read about our morning there click HERE.
As soon as I got home the 3 dogs were let out for a bit, Eliza and her colt fed and then off I drove to Pekin to pick up more grain and 3 mineral blocks. The stallions were each given a mineral block and the 3rd block was put in Eliza's feed bunker. She took one look at that big brown thing and started snorting. It was something strange that did not belong there. She and her colt were taken out to graze while their stall was cleaned. That colt throws his tail up in the air like an Arabian and takes off running around Eliza.
 Eliza has learned not to panic instead she just lifts her head to check where he is. Eliza is holding her weight very well, in fact she looks like she is gaining weight. 
 Eliza lost so much weight last year nursing her big colt I was wishing I hadn't bred her back. This year Dr. Hoerr gave me some great ideas on how to get and keep the weight on and so far it seems to be working.  Her colt came running right up to me.
 He slammed on the breaks and just waited for me to pet him. He loves to be scratched and thinks we people should be willing to do that right away. 
Ruby was playing with him this evening. She would crawl up to him until he would touch her nose, she would jump up and run just hoping he would chase her, if he didn't she would run up to him. I had left the camera at the house or I would have been snapping pictures. We had 2 loads of gravel dumped which will be used when we put in the new automatic waterers. Ruby and Rizzy had fun climbing to the top then running down. I just snapped this picture with my phone. 
Mark worked on mowing this evening. I stayed in and did dishes and laundry. Tomorrow morning Lily goes to the vet for her ultrasound. If she settled she and her colt Apollo will go out to Middle Grove along with Ella and her colt. Note to self..MUST pull hair on Ella's colt BEFORE taking them to Middle Grove. 

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