Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Big Mistake

Last year I made a mistake that didn't show up until last night. Kayla the lady in charge of the Friesian Heritage Horse registry messaged me to let me know the dna results for Zalena's colt did not match Valiant. At first I responded with, "that can't be, the registry must have made a mistake." Surely it couldn't be ME that made a mistake. Well I confess I AM the person that made the mistake. Zalena's colt is NOT by Valiant, he is an Evan son. Since this colt was already sold the owner was called but I only got an answering machine. She will have her choice, we will either give her back her money if she doesn't want him, OR she can take Eliza's colt instead as we know he really is Valiant's son.

The mistake was made when we covered Zalena the first time, we had a bunch of mares that needed to be covered by Valiant and Zalena was in so she was covered by Evan, then 2 days later Valiant's mares were all finished so used him and again 2 days later used Valiant again. Who would have thought it would be EVAN's sperm that was strong enough to live all those days and penetrate the egg first.
I am so thankful for this registry that requires DNA on all purebred Friesians. AND just so you know this is the FIRST time in all these years of registering foals we have ever made this mistake. Yep, I'm not perfect and the older I get the more mistakes will be made.
Unfortunately I cannot change the website yet. I've not been able to access the new way of updating and according to Philip it may take another week or so as Meisters have been swamped. The website host is making things much more secure now that all this cyber fraud is going on. I have so many things to change and update that I'd better make a list of what needs to be done instead of relying on my imperfect memory.

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