Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Horsing Around

Since I didn't have to go to work today most of this day was spent horsing around. It started early feeding and covering Eliza in a down pour. When the feeding was started there was just a light sprinkle but by the time morning chores were finished I was wet from head to toes. Thankfully the rain stopped in time for our walk. As soon as that was finished the truck and trailer were taken to Middle Grove to meet Karin. We were surprised to find the gate between the winter and summer pasture had been torn down. We had no idea where the horses would be and we had a customer bringing a mare today at 10:00 am for breeding and we wanted to be back for. With that time pressure we started hiking straight up the hill in hopes when we reached the top we would catch a glimpse of the herd. That actually worked. Way off in the distance we saw white and was sure it must be Whitney. We started hiking and about 15 minutes later discovered the entire herd enjoying the winter pasture grasses. Karin haltered Ribbon while I haltered Ella and Sangria and we started our long hike back. We drove in to the farm at 2 minutes past 10:00 and had time to unload and situate these 3 mares before Dave arrived with his big Appaloosa mare. He was disappointed to find the mare was not in season right now. She will be teased each day in hopes she comes in soon. We really are at capacity right now. Every paddock is full to over flowing. Karin decided to work Roxanne, Rosaleigh and Galena while the weather was still cool. First out was Roxanne. We are always shocked at her big big movement. Roxanne did well.
When Roxanne was submissive and responding well Karin ended on a good note then brought out Rosaleigh. The 2 pictures below are of Rosaleigh. She also has great movement with the added bonus of height. She is going to be tall, probably over 16.1 hands. Rosaleigh also has the extreme hair. 

 The last mare out was Galena. It's kind of fun to have some color and hair. Galena did well but is very auditory. That will need to be worked on, we don't want a spooky mare. She responded well to Karin's instructions.

When we quit horsing around with these three Karin left to go help mom and I had to head in to Peoria to pay the first of the month bills and deposit checks. When I got back it was time to start moving bales. The far paddock was given a new bale, the back gate locked and Sangria given that paddock. She was not happy by herself so later was given Ella pony who is here to be bred back to Evan. We didn't breed Ella last year but decided after seeing her 2015 colt move we would for a 2017 foal. The next bale was moved into the cabin field. Jesse and Courtney arrived to ride Missy and Cookie so while that pasture was empty Karin helped put a bale in there then Sheena and Eliza were moved over there with their colts. Sheena has a small cut on her hind leg that needed hosing. It isn't deep but may develop proud flesh. We are out of caustic powder but meat tenderizer will work. Another bale was placed in the back field and Jenis moved there. When Jesse and Courtney were finished with their ride Missy and Cookie were put in with Jenis.
We now have Ribbon, Galena, Rosaleigh and Roxanne in Raven's old paddock. 3 in the back field, 2 mares and 2 foals in the pond pasture, 2 mares and 2 foals in the cabin field, the Appy mare in the paddock next to Evan, Mara in the short shelter paddock and Sangria & Ella in the far paddock and Honey is in the pasture next to Valiant. That puts us at 22 horses here. At Middle Grove we have the 5 mares with foals by their sides which are Lily & Joanna, Lola & April, Ayanna & Caspian, Star & Austara and Zalena & Adara, Mika, Jewel, Bunni, Sally, Whitney, Prissy, Marika, Oksana, Anna, Hadassah and Ripper. Rosalie is in training with Rhoda in Bloomington. That makes 44 horses but I probably forgot some.
Joan's friend Marilyn came today with her daughter. Faith and Berlica brought her over to ride Ella in the round pen.
Before I quit to get ready for Church Galena was covered by Valiant. He got worked twice today but had the day off yesterday. Mark drove mom, Diane and I to church. Mike Rieker had the message. After the service Tim read a letter from someone I knew years ago named Marcie. The letter was touching and testified to a true miracle in her life.

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