Monday, June 20, 2016

Hot Humid and Disappointing

This morning was just plain hot. Dr. Hoerr was due to come at 9:30 am and I was hopeful to announce pregnancies. The first 4 mares were stalled with the last 2 left in their paddocks as the Monday vaulting team arrived and needed the barn. The man buying Sheena's colt asked for a video and updated pictures. Emily helped with that, we only took a few minutes as the arena would be needed for the vaulting team.

When Dr. Hoerr arrived we decided to have Dave's Appaloosa mare done first, just hoping she had already ovulated but that didn't happen. She will need to be covered by Valiant tomorrow morning then should ovulate tomorrow night. The next mare we had done was Galena the new Gypsy mare. Again I was so hopeful she would have settled and we could get her out to Middle Grove but nope, she was open and should be ready to be covered by Valiant on Wednesday morning. The next mare was Jenis and she too was open but even worse she had more free floating fluid in her left uterine horn. Dr. Hoerr decided to take a sample of the fluid to culture it just to find out what kind of infection we are dealing with except he was not able to get any. Instead she was flushed with an antibiotic then ionized air pumped into that horn. (at least I think that is what he did, I was at the other end holding Jenis). She was given a shot to expel the fluid. I'll need to have her looked at again on Wednesday AND Thursday with the hope we can cover her by Evan on Thursday. All of this was disappointing but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Roxanne was next. Ten days ago Dr. Hoerr sonagrammed her, thought she had a 20 mm follicle and gave her a shot to short cycle her then told us to cover her in 3 days. Well she didn't stand very well but we got the job done except she never went out. She was still winking last night and was covered. Today the ultrasound showed that not only was she NOT IN SEASON she isn't even cycling. This is just plain weird, we had her sonagrammed months ago and Dr. Hoerr felt then she was but today there was no edema, no developing follicles, no sign of a CL just plain nothing. By this time I was pretty discouraged and went to get Rosaleigh who must have known things weren't going well and decided to turn her rear end to me and run. That is just not acceptable so she was walloped with the lead rope and made to run a bit before she turned and faced me. Trying to lead her into the barn around the hundreds of cars and thousands of little kids (that may be an exaggeration) she spooked and took off but at least had enough sense to run around me and not over me. Karin has made an impression on this mare. The last time she spooked she ran right into Karin! Well at least Rosaleigh IS cycling and should be ready to be covered in 4 days. Speaking of lots of little kids, Karin's Monday vaulting team may be out of control. There really were 20-30 kids and adults running around. When Dr. Hoerr arrived he was shocked and asked, "What is going ON out there."  Every time a child would run into the barn I would yell, "OUT, GET OUT." I'm sure it shocked Dr. Hoerr as usually I'm very patient but today I was sure one of the mares would throw themselves backward right into an unsuspecting child. At one point one of the kids were running through and yelled as they were running, "I'm just going to the other side" at that point even Dr. Hoerr questioned, "what's wrong with going around?" We really just couldn't keep them out. Hopefully that will be the last Monday Vet appointment until after vaulting is over.
Gertie had the grand daughters over swimming at mom's but came over for some left over fried chicken about the time the vet finished up. I hadn't taken time for breakfast so was famished and the thought of that fried chicken had my mouth watering. The fridge was opened and the chicken was GONE! I'm standing in front of the fridge looking confused thinking, what in the world, when Gertie mentions, "Mark took it over to Phil and Anna's today." Both of us were shocked to find he took it ALL. We scrounged around and were able to feed everyone but Mark was sent a text that if he wanted supper he'd better be bringing it home, as we emptied out the fridge and the cupboards trying to feed everyone. Once everyone left I had to start praying. My attitude needed an adjustment and the best way to do that is start praising my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his loving sacrifice FOR ME! That did the trick. The buyer of Sheena's colt was sent the short video posted below:
Not long after the phone rang and it was that buyer on the phone. He was so pleased he wants to buy Ayanna's colt too and is sending the deposit today. I really am thankful. Once Emily got home this afternoon we were able to get the mare Nikki covered by Evan. She was teased this morning and hated him but by afternoon was in big time backing into the fence to be covered. She didn't stand very well but Evan got the job done.
Mark brought home 5 ears of corn on the cob for our dinner which were delicious then went out to mow Valiant's pasture.

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