Saturday, June 4, 2016

Fresh Turtle Eggs For Sale

Mark and I were on our way to the back field when we came upon Faith, Berlica and Mackenson looking at a red eared slider turtle near the playground about 2 feet off the driveway. She was busy digging a hole to lay eggs. Joan was sent a text to tell her why the kids wouldn't be home soon. Joan came over to watch too. 
 Once the hole was deep enough she laid her eggs then very carefully covered the hole up so well once she was off we would not have known there were turtle eggs there.
 Once this turtle was finished she wandered off toward the pond. 
 Joan very carefully opened the hole up so we could see the newly laid turtle eggs. 
 We were surprised at how tightly the dirt was packed. 
 Below Faith is holding 4 of the turtle eggs. 
  Below Mackenson, Faith and Berlica are feeling how soft these eggs are. 
 Below they are placing the eggs carefully back in the hole and covering it up. I guess we won't be eating or selling these eggs. The incubation period for red eared slider turtles is 60-80 days.
Joan put a big cage over the place to stop dogs from digging the eggs up or a car from parking on top of them. The second turtle had probably been disturbed before she could lay her eggs. Faith is holding it up to show how big this one is. 

 She was let go and made her way to the lake, hopefully she will find a better place to lay her eggs soon. Rosaleigh was taken out and groomed a bit for some new pictures. She needed her braids taken out of her mane as it was knotting up. Her mane is just as long but not quite as thick as Ylse's was. She was teased but not at all interested.

Karin worked Rosaleigh, Roxanne and Galena today and was very pleased with all three. They are remembering and building on each lesson. She came in for lunch. After lunch Mark and I joined the entire Esslinger family at mom's beach for a quick swim to cool off. Mark had been working on mowing and was filled with grass clippings. After the swim I was refreshed enough to start the next job which was haltering and tying the foals. Today I worked with 3 and all three were so much better than yesterday. Eliza's colt actually stuck his head into the halter. Soul's filly stood quietly as I put her's on and Indy's filly walked to the back of the stall when she saw me coming but then stood. All three were tied and their hooves picked up. None of them offered to kick. What good foals! Sangria and her filly were left outside today, we had cloud cover this morning which kept the temperature down. Mark finished the mowing and washed both the car and his van today. Galena was teased and she is now out. Jenis was teased and covered by Evan. Tomorrow after church Dr. Hoerr is coming to sonagram her to make sure she ovulated. We had a great day. 

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