Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sangria's Filly by Valiant

Thinking I would need to be traveling to U of I tomorrow to pick up Marika I decided not to take the day off today at Berean. Carol, Cindy and I just worked until 11:00 and were able to easily type in all the Bible requests. Bruce Witzig arrived to work on the light fixture. We have amazing talented people helping here, we need something done and someone knows exactly what to do.
 Becky and Russ Kingman were in town and stopped at the office for a very short visit.
Becky is actually a very talented horse trainer and has the desire to get back into training. Once it is in the blood this desire never seems to leave. They are heading back to their temporary home in Nebraska soon. When I got back from the office Anna had the girls out swimming at Diane's pond. Braelyn caught a big fat tadpole that had just about turned into a frog.

To see the rest of these pictures click HERE. Karin sent a text through that she would be over in 10 minutes to help get some updated pictures and a video of Sangria's filly by Valiant. This filly has the color, lift and presence to be someone's top of the model show horse. She will truly excel in dressage and we really do hope she goes to a show home. Her sister was appraised for $25,000.00 at 2 years of age and to think we are only asking $5000.00 for this one. Why if we hang on to her for a couple years we could quintuple our price. 
IF interested better get her quick before we change our mind. Rhoda would LOVE to keep this one, she is fancy fancy fancy. 
The video below is short but shows her extreme lift and to think she wasn't even showing off today!

Mark drove to church tonight with a full car. Mom, Diane and Ruth walked down to join us. Greg Rumbold had the service. It was really really good to be there worshipping our Lord and Savior with precious brothers and sisters.
Dr. Echeverria called with an update on Marika and her colt. Marika's numbers were all good today, they were taking her off the IV's. She is looking and doing well. The colt looks good, acts good, is full of energy but his liver enzymes were a bit skewed. They were considering a liver biopsy but thankfully decided to wait and recheck tomorrow. Hopefully this is just a temporary setback but because of that they would like to keep Marika and her colt until Friday. I'm praying the numbers will go back to normal quickly. Our bill there just keeps rising.

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