Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day

Raechel arrived around 6:00 am to pick up her mare Mara. Once they were on the road, it was time to get the house cleaned before we needed to leave for church and it all got done. Good thing I'm a morning person. We had another amazing Sunday. Greg Rumbold had the first service and Tim Roecker had the second. Diane and Mike served lunch today in Peoria.
Once home all of our children and grandchildren came over for Father's day. We were joined by Taunya's parents, Anna's parents and Lee's parents and his sister. Also joining us for the meal was Mike and Diane's family, mom, Karin, a couple of Anna's brothers, and Joan and her family. We had WAY to much food. Everyone brought wonderful dishes to share and we feasted! After the dinner Rhoda got 4 horses tacked up for those that wanted to ride.

To see the rest of the pictures taken today click HERE. Nolan and Mike helped get the mares teased and covered this evening. Dave's Appaloosa was still in and covered by Valiant.
 And Roxanne was still in and covered by Evan. 
We have a vet appointment tomorrow and may have these two mares sonagrammed to find out if they are ready to ovulate or hopefully DID ovulate tonight or tomorrow morning. We had a long fun day and it is way past my bed time. Thank You Lord!

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