Monday, June 27, 2016

Updates Good and Bad

The update on Marika this morning was good, the placenta was expelled during the night. The update this evening was not so good. The colt is starting to fight an infection and Marika had a fever and also is fighting an infection. Both of them were given more antibiotics in stronger doses. The cost on the 2 is now over $7000.00. We were hoping to have them home on Thursday but they would need to improve pretty quickly for that to happen. Each day the costs rise.
Does it sound like I'm worried? I am but worry does absolutely nothing to help so I'm trying to just pray about it then get to work.
Today was the much needed day to grocery shop. The cupboards were bare, the fridge was bare but after stopping at 2 stores they are bare no longer.
As soon as the groceries were put away I had to take the truck and trailer to Dr. Hoerr's clinic in Morton, IL to pick up Jenis. Her bill hadn't been entered yet on the computer so I have no idea what we spent on her staying at the clinic for 5 days and getting treated all 5 days. That almost makes me shudder when I allow myself to think of Marika's bill AND Jenis' bill. That's what I get for telling someone "we have 10 on the ground and no vet bills." Well now we have 11 on the ground and enough vet bills that if we averaged it out each of these foals cost a lot.
One of the student's texted the picture below of Marika and her colt taken this afternoon proving they are alive.
This afternoon the mares were teased and all said no. Karin needed a little help zip tying the bottom of her car together. She hit a dead animal and the bottom was falling out. Zip ties are amazing.

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