Friday, June 10, 2016

Lily Pregnant, Sheena Pregnant, Honey Pregnant

Karin was hosting the Royal Oak's Pony Club from Bloomington, IL for a vaulting clinic this morning from 10:00 am to noon. Emily was hard at work moving bales off the fields and stacking them in the barn when the ponyclubbers arrived. We had our first really hot day predicted with the temperatures going into the 90s so we were a little worried but thankfully had a nice breeze which helped keep everyone semi comfortable. Below are a few pictures of the very successful clinic.

To see the rest of the pictures from this clinic click HERE.  By the time this was over the grand kids were ready to quit swimming and come in for lunch.

After lunch and after coloring lots of papers they went back to great grandma's lake but Rhoda and I had to bring a bunch of mares in for ultrasounds. Dr. Hoerr arrived to find most of the mares in stalls and ready. We were disappointed to find that Prissy was open. She was due in a month but all of us took one look at her and were sure she had lost the foal. We had her sonagrammed last year at 16 days and when Dr. Hoerr confirmed her in foal sent her to Middle Grove until yesterday. We will more than likely breed her back then sell her. We have had her for about 5 years and she has only produced 1 foal, Walter. If interested in Prissy shoot me an offer and don't worry about hurting our feelings. Next on the list was Honey, the 23 year old TB mare that belongs to Camille. She was confirmed in foal but because of her age Dr. Hoerr felt she should have a caslick done. Camille agreed.

Emily finished moving the bales in this afternoon then had to get ready for a wedding. Below she is just ready to head into the apartment after a long hard day.
Next on the list was Lily, who was confirmed pregnant, then Sheena who was also confirmed in foal. We decided to have Rosaleigh and Roxanne done next. Neither of these mares have shown and we were disappointed again to find Rosaleigh had already ovulated. Dr. Hoerr gave us a shot to short cycle which we will give her in a week. Roxanne is just starting to come in and should be ready to breed in 3 days. Ralph and Jamie came this evening to see Joanna, Lily's daughter by Valiant and Joanna had to show off for them. Check out the air time this 2 month old filly has.

Mark finished moving all the bales this evening. Today was a long hard hot day but even so a good one.

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