Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rosaleigh & Roxanne

We had a light mail day at the Berean office. If you would like to read about our morning there click HERE. It was so light that Ruth and I got tomorrow's work done too, all by 1:00 pm.
As soon as I got home the golf cart was taken over to the cabin field and Bunni, Mika and Sally were taken over, loaded into the horse trailer and driven out to Middle Grove. We are leaving Missy and Cookie here so the kids can get some riding in on them. The herd was up on top of the hill of the summer pasture when I arrived and it was quite a hike to get to them. The first job when I arrived was to check over the foals. They have been out there now for 5 days and have settled in wonderfully.  Below Lola is having a good roll in a mud puddle. Most of the puddles have dried up but this one still had some standing water and perfect mud for covering the coat. These horses know that mud keeps the flies from biting through.  That is Lily behind her. She had just rolled.
 Ayanna's colt and Star's filly came right up to greet me. 
 Ayanna's colt looked halfway clean until I saw the other side. He found out it is FUN to roll in the mud, his other side was plastered. 
 Star's filly had not rolled, she is just too feminine to get dirty. 
 Below is Zalena and her filly by Valiant. This filly is quite different from Zalena's 2015 filly by Evan. That filly was independent, bold and bossy. This filly is more timid and has learned to stick close to her mom so she doesn't get lost. She is a very fancy Friesian filly and will be more sport type than Ayanna's colt. 
 Ribbon will be picked up tomorrow from Middle Grove. Karin will be meeting me out there at 9:00 am and help get Ribbon, Sangria and Ella.
 Sangria is due June 12th and needs to come home to be under observation. She usually goes 10 days late but I don't want to take a chance of missing the birth. 
 You can see the favorite rolling spot behind Lola and April. There is still enough water in this puddle to make splashing lots of fun. 
 Lily has 10 more days out here before we will need to bring her home for an ultrasound. If she is confirmed in foal she will be going to Ralph and Jamie's house for a month so they can work with Joanna. 
Rosaleigh and Roxanne didn't want to leave the herd and didn't lead very well down the hill. I felt like I had to drag them both then when we got to the trailer Rosaleigh decided she didn't want to get in. I know the first thing I'm going to be working on with her tomorrow. She WILL load when I'm done with her. It really didn't take more than 10 minutes but we expect our horses to walk right in. They were put in Raven's old paddock for the night. Tomorrow one of  them will be moved into Galena's paddock so we can start teasing.  

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