Sunday, June 26, 2016

Company in Peoria

We were very blessed today with 2 visiting elders. What I want to remember is the bride price Jesus paid for me.
Not a lot of horse news, the report this evening on Marika was that she still hadn't passed the placenta but all of the blood work, white cell counts were good and the placenta is moving toward the exit. The colt is bouncing off the walls. Those were the exact words the veterinarian used. If all goes well they can probably come home on Thursday but with the huge incision Marika will need to be on stall rest for a month or more.  I teased Kathy's mare Patty and she said no, teased Nikki she said yes but won't be covered until tomorrow morning, teased Indy who said no, hosed off a few mares, brought Eliza in for her extra feeding and before putting her back took her and her colt to the outdoor arena for a few pictures of her colt for his owner.

He is six weeks old today and just seems to be extra fancy. His owner has named him Caesar KB. Jesse Stickling came out to ride with a friend, then Emily brought company over to ride. Since we are short riding horses they decided to go swimming first then take Missy, Cookie and Ella to Farmdale for the rest of the day.
This evening I took the golf cart over to watch the volley ball games. Those games are fun to watch but it's more the visiting with the audience that we like to go for.

The delivery stall was stripped of straw tonight and honestly it made me sad to do so. Usually when I'm removing straw we have a new baby to care for, handle, iodine, and admire.

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