Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sheena's Colt Sold

We got a little more rain last night, another .10 of an inch. Even though it isn't near as much as we needed or hoped for the fields are turning green again. We had a high of 96 degrees, a very hot humid day. Too hot to do much work outside. I spent the morning at the Berean office and even though we were missing Mary we got a lot done. To read about our morning and Tuesday's work at that office click HERE.
While there a phone call came from a lady bringing her mare down on Friday for Evan. We are full right now so this mare will need to be stalled but only for 1 day. Two mares are leaving for their homes this weekend and both are expecting. Mara has been confirmed in foal by Evan and is leaving for her home in Virginia and Honey was confirmed in foal by Valiant and will be leaving early Saturday morning. Emily has been hired to take her to her home south of St. Louis.
This afternoon Sheena's colt was sold.

He will also be moving to Virginia at weaning. His new owner is pretty thrilled.  I also got a second email from a lady wanting a video and updated pictures of Ayanna's colt. Since Ayanna and her colt are out at Middle Grove I explained I wouldn't be sending anything soon. I know this colt will sell, I get phone calls or emails just about every day for him.  I am not really willing to drive to Middle Grove hike that 200 acres, lead them down to the road, load them then drive them here just for a video and updated pictures. We may as well wait until he is closer to weaning time. I will try to get a few pictures when I go out to pick up Marika which should really be done tomorrow if I can leave work around noon.

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