Saturday, June 4, 2016

PRC Show

Emily sent a text early this morning that the camera was up at the apartment and an update on the show:
Both horses were great! I decided not to show Roxanne in anything. She threw a little fit when I first started riding Jenis around but other than that she was way better than I expected!! Jenis got a fourth because she picked up the wrong lead to the right the first time, then she got 3 seconds and one was in a huge class!!
It sounds like Jenis ribboned in every class she was entered. It also sounds like this was a big show with lots of horses, ponies and people. What a great experience for Roxanne. Mitchel, Emily's fiancee was manning the camera so most of the pictures were JUST of Emily and Jenis. I think that is where his eyes were most of the evening. Below are the pictures of the show.
Above are the mares waiting for the show to start, left is Roxanne, right is Jenis. Below is Roxanne all by herself standing patiently waiting for Jenis to come back after a class.
Below are a few warm-up pictures

Below are Jenis and Emily in classes. 

Below Emily and Jenis are heading back to the trailer. Roxanne surprised us how well she behaved for her very first outing.

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