Monday, June 6, 2016

The Windmill

Last night was just about perfect weather wise so Emily and Jessica slept out on the trampoline. When they awoke around 5:30 am they saw the fox kits playing across the pond running up and down the hill. The fox parents this year have four fox kits. We LIKE foxes around here, they help keep the rodent's down. Our neighbor has chickens and does NOT like the foxes. Mark was over talking to him this evening and he gave us a couple dozen fresh laid eggs so the foxes must not have gotten very many of his chickens. He also reported we have an otter living in our pond. Otter's eat everything in the pond, they will wipe out the fish population pretty quickly but they are another animal that is fun to watch.
After the walk Jenis was loaded up and taken to Hoerr Vet clinic for another ultrasound. It is always interesting walking into his clinic around the guard turkeys of which Dr. Hoerr has 2 of them both Toms. The colors they show are magnificent.

They strut around like they own the place and are making sure the customer coming into the barn has a legitimate reason. Jenis stood well for the ultrasound and flushing.
Emma is job shadowing Dr. Hoerr, she came to our place on Friday and today was willing to hold Jenis' tail out of the way. 
 Dr. Hoerr puts an antibiotic in the sterile saline an then the entire bottle into her uterus. 
Once the bottle is empty he gave Jenis a shot to make her uterus contract to expel all the liquid washing out anything that shouldn't be there in preparation hopefully for a fertilized egg to implant in about 5 days. Karin was holding the first summer session of the vaulting while I was at the vet. She reported Ribbon was perfect and the vaulters all gung ho. After the session was over those who wanted to ride were given a bridle and told if they want to ride they must learn to catch and bridle the horse by themselves. Amazing how determined AND successful some of them were. Missy and Cookie got quite a workout. The vaulters all headed over to mom's beach for Funday Monday when Jesse and Courtney arrived to ride Missy and Cookie.
As soon as Jenis was unloaded I had to go to Sam's Club for some groceries. When each weekend is over the food is gone. I see why mom has 2 refrigerators both with decent sized freezing compartments AND a chest freezer.  I have no pictures of Funday Monday since everyone was gone by the time the groceries were put away but I did hear some pretty funny stories. Tate, Jenny's son was out in the canoe paddling and paddling, the wind had picked up and was actually pushing the canoe backwards. Tate looks up at the windmill then exclaims to his mom, "someone needs to turn that windmill off, It's ruining everything today!"
This evening each foal on the place was worked with. I was so proud of Indy's filly, today I held the halter out and she walked over and put her head in the halter. What a smart filly. Soul's filly wasn't quite that good but did not throw a fuss at all. Today was the first time ever putting a halter on Sangria's 4 day old filly and she too was good. Eliza's colt and Sheena's colt are at the cabin. I took their evening grain over and played with both the colts. These boys are both very friendly, they are half brothers both by Valiant and both sweet. Roxanne, Rosalie and the Appy mare were all teased and none of them showed. Emily was out working Valiant when I was teasing the mares with Evan. Valiant could see Evan running around all excited and could hardly stand that he had to pay attention to Emily but by the time she was done with him she was pretty thrilled. He is moving well off her leg and is getting lead changes.

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