Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Puppies ARE SOLD!

Well it certainly didn't take long to sell Miss Molly's puppies. They were posted on the blog and facebook late Friday night and this morning during church a couple left a message they wanted to come see the puppies. After church I listened to the message, tried to call them back and just got their answering machine. After playing phone tag a bit we were able to connect and they made an appointment to come around 6:00 pm. Diane sent the picture below with this message:The water is nice and clean so come swimming if you can.
Mark and I took the golf carts over to Diane and Mike's pond and floated around on rafts. The phone interrupted me about 4 times and one of the calls were the people wanting to see the puppies wanted to come right away. Mom was over swimming at her lake with Joan, her kids, Phil, Anna and kids, Ben, Taunya and kids and one goose. She was told that she probably needed to come in and dry off but before she could get out of her swim suit they arrived and of course fell in love with both of the puppies and decided to buy them both.
We decided since most of us where at the lake anyway we would just bring dinner over there. Everyone swimming joined us for Mark's special grilled hamburgers. After dinner Karin let the kids ride the ponies.

 The rest of the pony pictures can be seen by clicking HERE. By the time we got back from the ponies the volley ball players had started the games. 
 We had a big group tonight, lots of players and lots of little kids playing. 

 It has been so dry Karin got the hose out to spray down the arena to keep down the dust. 

We had another beautiful Sunday.

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