Saturday, June 18, 2016

Is It Sunday?

Mom didn't go on the walk yesterday and because of that one tiny little activity she missed she was convinced this morning was Sunday. You see we don't walk on Saturdays so in her mind yesterday must have been Saturday. She was so convincing that she almost had Karin believing she missed her vaulting clinic which was scheduled for today. Emily left at 5:45 am taking Honey back to her owner.
My morning was busy. Mark needed help getting the mower on the tractor. Ella needed to be covered by Evan and while that was happening I noticed Dave's Appaloosa was showing. He was sent a notice to make sure he still wanted to use Valiant and when the ok was given she was covered.
Hopefully she will settle. She is a nice big mare and will more than likely throw a spotted foal. Mike needed to be called in for this cover as this mare doesn't tie. Valiant got the job done quickly.
Diane is serving lunch at church tomorrow so as soon as breakfast was over a few of us drove in to Peoria to set the tables. With so many hands working it only took 45 minutes.
Shelby brought a couple of her brothers over to ride Missy and Cookie on the trails.

It was Karin's idea to have a few riding horses here and it turns out she was right, these ponies are teaching lots of children so far this summer. Today's vaulting clinic was a 4 H group. Just 4 girls came for this and loved that, they all got lots of horse time.
If you would like to see the rest of these pictures click HERE.  Once the clinic was finished we came in for some lunch. Phil brought the girls over for a bit while Anna was grocery shopping. We took them out on a golf cart ride then let them play on the round pen while Karin trained mares.

Of course more pictures were taken than just these 3. All three girls climbed to the very top but only Braelyn hung from the gate. To see these pictures click HERE.
Karin worked Rosaleigh first and today the big scary tarp was introduced except to Rosaleigh it wasn't very scary. She had to check it out and stomp on it. Even when it was hung on the rail and blowing in the wind she wasn't afraid. This is a weird mare!

To see the rest of Rosaleigh's training pictures click HERE.  Roxanne was the last horse worked today and she was nothing like Rosaleigh. This mare was deathly afraid of that scary blowing green thing.
                                    She would look at it then take off with a huge trot or canter. 
 To see the rest of Roxanne's training session click HERE.  Anna came to pick up the girls just as we were finishing up with Roxanne. Karin decided to go jump in the lake. It didn't take Mark and I long to follow her example. The lake was busy, Joan, her children and grandchildren were swimming along with Diane, Emily, Mitchel, Matthew, Megan, Justin, and Moses were all out enjoying the cool water on this hot day.

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