Thursday, June 23, 2016

Eliza Galena Covered Rosaleigh Out

Knowing Valiant was going to have to work twice today, before the walk Eliza was covered by Valiant. While that was happening I noticed Prissy is now showing. She will be covered tomorrow by Valiant, right now he is getting all the work. I left for Berean and didn't bother picking up lunch when Diane called to report not much mail. To read about our morning there click HERE.
Dr. Hoerr called to report Jenis has a yeast infection and will need to be treated at his office for the next 5 days. Emily was going to Bloomington this afternoon after school was out to pick up Rosalie so was asked to drop off Jenis on the way. As soon as I got home from work Jenis was taken in and fed then cleaned up a bit. Of course we want everyone at the vet clinic to notice how gorgeous she is. Before Emily left we took Rosaleigh out to tease and were surprised to find she was out. We only got 1 cover on her, 2 days ago. Hope the timing was right. Eliza was taken over to the cabin field to be with lonely Sheena and her colt. The owner of Eliza's colt had asked for an updated picture so the camera was taken over and the picture below snapped then emailed to Paula, his owner.
He is actually hard to get pictures of, he is so friendly he is almost always too close to the camera. He just happened to be checking out Sheena in the picture above, right after that he was right back in my face. We moved the small bale in to the field with Ella, Missy, Cookie and Prissy. It won't last too long but that feeder is much smaller than our other round bale feeders so we should have less waste with this bale.
This evening Galena was covered by Valiant. Nikki is still in big time and will be covered tomorrow morning by Evan. Dave's Appaloosa mare will be picked up tomorrow.
Marika was tested again tonight and no change at all in her calcium level. She was stalled anyway just in case with the monitor on. Mark is out working with the skid steer moving concrete chunks.

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