Thursday, June 9, 2016

Barn FULL of Hay

We had a very unexpected rain shower this morning, never a good thing when hay is down and ready to be baled. Thankfully it dropped very little and then the weather turned sunny, hot, humid with a breeze. The hay needed to be raked but within a few hours it was baled and looks wonderful. Emily spent the afternoon moving the hay into the barn and Mark spent the evening. Ryan, our hay guy, brought over 54 bales of hay off his fields and with that hay plus this hay we have 111 bales. This will almost take care of the Hanna City farm for the year.

We had an easy morning at Berean click HERE to read about our morning. Diane was glad as she had to go to work at Mike's office. I was glad because Karin was hosting day 3 of Kelly's Girls Vaulting clinic and all of her help is helping at the camps. Jessica and Anni are counselors at Jr High Girls camp and Rebekah and Brian are counselors at Jr High Boys Camp. I made it back in plenty of time to help.

These vaulters were happy to have learned from Karin and very happy with Ribbon but what really made their 3 day trip was Molly's puppies.

 Mom finally gave me permission to place the puppies for sale. There are just 2 males left both black and white. They are ONLY $500.00 each. These are non shedding well socialized purebred Shih Tzu puppies and they already have a good start on potty training. One they call Fat Boy and the other we just call puppy.  Both are adorable and should end up around 12 pounds when full grown. They will be ready to leave around the 4th of July.
As soon as the vaulters left Karin and I took a trip to Middle Grove to pick up Prissy, Lily and Joanna. Prissy is due June 9th but just doesn't look very pregnant. Dr. Hoerr is coming tomorrow to sonagram Lily, Sheena and Honey so we may as well have him check Prissy too. Below is the herd at Middle Grove. It was too sunny, hot and humid to do much running. They would prefer to lounge under the shade trees.

Sangria and her filly were taken out to graze and I just happened to have the camera so got a few shots of this very fancy filly for the website.

Check out the length of her neck, she really is about as perfect as a filly can be. 
Mark spent the evening moving our last year bales out of the way so the new bales could be stacked at the back of the barn. We still have some bales to pick up off the fields and 54 to stack from Ryan but that will have to wait until the sun comes up tomorrow. I feel so rich and so very blessed to have a barn FULL of hay. 

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