Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bringing Home Mares

This morning as Evan was covering Roxanne I noticed Ella pony was showing. We really want to breed her back to Evan after seeing how gorgeous her filly turned out and what amazing movement each of her colts had. Below is Scarlett out of Ella by Evan born April 4th, 2013. Amazing looking 3 year old owned by Mavis.
On the walk today I found a gold nugget, actually I'm pretty sure it is fools gold but a fun find. After the walk Diane and I went to the Berean office to get the Bibles out for the week. We had a lot of help and were finished before noon. To check out our morning there click HERE.
Once I got home from Berean the noon feed for Eliza and Sheena was done,  Sangria and Indy were moved over to Valiant's pasture Ella was taken out to tease and cover. Evan got double duty today. Valiant is locked in his paddock and has mares on either side. I'm hoping to see Indy and Prissy to come in soon. Amy Koch offered to go to Middle Grove with me to pick up Marika and Jewel. When we arrived the horses were no where in sight. We had quite a hike to find them. They came down to greet us then settled down under a bunch of trees which has obviously been their lounging area by the lack of vegetation.

Before leaving I needed to get some updated pictures of Caspian for a lady that wants to come down to see him next weekend. Caspian is out of Ayanna by Evan.

Caspian is just 2 and a half months old and is already such a big colt. He is starting to lose his faded foal coat and is pitch black under it. Lily and Joanna came over for attention and wanted to chase Caspian away but Amy said "no." and they listened. I find it interesting that Lily is Caspian's grandmother and Joanna is actually his aunt.
We didn't stay long, it was just so hot and we had already hiked a few miles and still needed to hike back down to the truck and trailer. Below Amy is leading Marika and Jewel. Both of these mares are due in July, Marika is due July 7th and Jewel is due July 20th. Such round bellies.
Both mares were hosed off when we got back to the farm then fly sprayed. They were put in the Middle Paddock which opens up to the pond pasture. They will enjoy going in to cool off in the coming days. 
Mark and I listened on line again for VBS. I'm really glad they offer this. The speaker tonight was Matt Kaufman from Bloomington on forgiveness. 
We are tired tonight and will head to bed early. 

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