Saturday, June 11, 2016

Heart of IL Pony Club

I had a lot of driving today, first off was to Heritage bank to fix our internet banking that seemed to be messed up. From there to Sam's Club mostly to buy dog food but by the time I got out of there we were $100 poorer but have plenty of food in the house. As soon as the groceries were put away the camera was grabbed for the scheduled vaulting clinic. Today was the Heart of IL Pony Club but only a fraction of the club could come.

To see the rest of the pictures of this clinic click HERE. As soon as they finished the group headed to mom's to play with the puppies, have a snack then go swimming.
I didn't stick around for the swimming, Lily and Joanna needed to be taken back out to Middle Grove now that Lily is confirmed in foal. They were glad to get back to the herd. I should have brought Marika back with me as she is due in a month but I just didn't think about that.
Rhoda was here giving Emma and Darcy a bath. As soon as she finished she got Roxanne out for training and today actually rode her for the first time.
 She was round penned, then introduced to weight and finally asked to walk around the pen in both directions, halt and back up. All of this was done without a fuss. Emily worked with her last fall, Karin has been working with her everyday this week and today she was ridden.

To see the rest of pictures of Rhoda training Roxanne click HERE. Next out was Rosaleigh. We didn't have enough time to do too much but she was round penned then asked to bow. This is a beautiful mare. 

The rest of Rosaleigh's training pictures can be seen by clicking HERE. We talked about which stallion Rhoda thinks these mares should be covered with and decided most likely Evan would be a good cross for both of them. They are more sport build and need his bulk, plus Evan will throw the hair so the foals should inherit the mega hair. 
I had just enough time to clean up for our date tonight. Tomorrow is our 39th year anniversary. Mark made plans to take me out to dinner then to the Bach Fest going on this week in Peoria. 
The music was beautiful. What an amazing composer Bach was. We saw and visited with Steve and Rose and saw some familiar faces in the choir and orchestra, Angela and Kelsey. 

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