Wednesday, June 22, 2016

RAIN we got RAIN

We were thrilled to hear the rain hitting the roof early this morning and by the time the storm was over we had over 2 inches of this life giving water. The pastures already look better.  I left early for Berean to stop at Sams and pick up a 5 foot table for the computer. We had a good crew there all willing to work. To read about that work click HERE.
Mom called about 9:40 am asking if I could leave Berean and come with her to Norris, IL. My sister Beth had invited the Skyline home out for lunch and fishing. Mom was suppose to bring the puppies for a little entertainment.
When I arrived at mom's my Niece Molly was there with a friend and lots of kids. Karin had agreed to give them all pony rides.
We didn't stick around to watch those and no one thought to take any pictures. We needed to be a Norris at 11:00 am. When we arrived at that "lake in the sky" they were all waiting to be entertained by the puppies while waiting for lunch to be served.

Of course I took lots more pictures to see them click HERE.  Everyone had a great time. Mom and I needed to leave by 1:30 pm as Dr. Hoerr was scheduled to arrive at the farm at 2:00 pm. We barely made it back in time to meet him. Jenis was sonagrammed, flushed, cultured and given shots. She is only at a 38 so not at all ready to cover, good thing we need to get the fluid out of her uterus first. Emily walked in just as I was putting Jenis away and helped move a round bale in Ribbon's paddock then cover the Appy mare with Valiant and Nikki with Evan. We barely had time for dinner before leaving for church. After church Jenis needed another shot, Marika needed to be brought in and stalled. I didn't test her tonight but will watch the monitor.
A couple pictures came in from the lady that bought Lily's 2014 colt by Valiant. She writes: He is starting to fill out. Such a love!
He really is a beautiful 2 year old. Today Rhoda booked Sangria for breeding to Neo, Chery Thompson's big 17 hand Andalusian stallion. We will need to start watching for her to come in. Tomorrow Emily is picking up Rosalie from Bloomington. We are glad to get her back and are excited to try her on the trails. Rhoda has been training her and feels she is ready. 

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