Sunday, June 5, 2016

Great Grandma's Ride

We had another beautiful Sunday only this one was extra special. Dot Hoerr was able to come. It was so good to see her, it's been months since she felt well enough. We heard about miracles today both the morning and the afternoon service.
After church Sarah & Nolan and Phil, Anna and the girls came over for the afternoon and evening. Dr. Hoerr arrived to ultrasound Jenis around 3:00 pm, she had ovulated but still had free floating fluid in her uterus. She was flushed with an antibiotic then given a shot to help her uterus contract. Right after Dr. Hoerr finished Jenis was needed for a trail ride. This wasn't just trail ride, this ride my 84 year young mom was going to go and ride Cookie.
 Nolan rode Jenis and Karin rode Missy. 
Mom had to try out Cookie's running walk.

It was a successful ride. After the ride we noticed this butterfly enjoying the nectar from mom's flowers. 
After supper we all headed to the playground for the usual Sunday evening volley ball games.

 Below is Mike's new toy, not the yanmar but the trailer that hauls the yanmar. He put it to good use tonight taking it over to Phil and Anna's house to dig a hole for them. 

 Even the dogs have fun at the playground. Below is Studly playing with a water bottle. 
 Rebekah brought her dog Raegan out this evening. Raegan spent Memorial weekend here so felt at home. It is important that the dogs in the family are well socialized. 
 Taegan was so excited when the second set of grandparents arrived. 
 We had enough players for 3 teams tonight. 
 We got a kick out of the 2 grandpas with their shorts and hats. They really do match each other. 

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