Friday, June 17, 2016

Nikki Here, Roxanna Covered

Just Joan, Ruth and I walked today, mom and Diane went garage saleing in Farmington. After the walk, the mares were teased. Indy acted like she was showing to Valiant but when she was taken over to Evan nothing. She was tried anyway and she kicked so was put back. I'm going to have to spring for another sonagram on her. We have a vet appointment on Monday.
Jewel and Marika were moved into the pasture with Indy and Sangria to make room for Nikki, the mare that came to be bred to Evan. The owners asked if they could take some pictures of Evan. Instead of just bringing him out I let him show off in the outdoor arena and show off he did. That boy launches straight into the air. Needless to say the audience, including me, were impressed. What a huge mover this stallion is. The picture below was taken last fall but shows how far under he stretches that back leg to push off. Check out the smile on Rhoda's face, he is a fun ride for her.
When Valiant realized he had mares on 3 sides of his paddock, he decided to try to go over the back gate. The electric fence was across but obviously not working. It was a good thing I moved the horses over or would not have known the ground wire got disconnected. Once that was fixed Valiant is so smart he knew and didn't try again. Valiant is also a good mover but a bit more up and down. He too knows how to push off from that back end. I think he is currently Emily's favorite ride now that Killian is sold.
After Nikki's owner left I ran in to the DMV in Peoria to renew both trailer stickers. Both expire the end of this month. The wait was less than an hour so I was pleased. That place is always a mad house. Once the stickers were on the trailers, Eliza and Sheen's noon meal was taken over to the cabin field then I drove to Big R in Pekin to pick up 16 bags of grain and 1 bag of shredded beet pulp. Eliza was brought over and teased and showed no interest but it has only been 17 days since her last cover. She will be sonagrammed on Monday too. Roxanne was still showing this evening and stood very well for Evan. She will need an ultrasound too, just to make sure she ovulated. We must be Dr. Hoerr's best customer each spring and summer.
Emily worked on repairing fences then hooked the new truck up to the Kiefer Built trailer this evening. She is taking Honey home tomorrow morning leaving around 6:00 am.

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