Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Good Mowing Weather

Mark helped before the walk to get Dave's Appaloosa mare covered by Valiant. Funny I never did find out what this mare's name is. She stood well today but because she doesn't tie, someone has to be in front of the breeding stand to hold the lead rope. After the walk I stopped at TEMCO to pick up the mail then Sams to buy ice cream and pie for our dessert at Berean. Well I really wanted the ice cream here. The grand daughters love to have ice cream cones as a treat after swimming and grandma didn't have any ice cream. We had a very productive day at Berean, lots of help and lots of work done. To read about our day there click HERE.
I got home after 2:00 pm, checked on the mares, let the dogs out then crashed for an hour falling into such a deep sleep that when Emily came in to ask about mowing it was hard to wake up.  I was dreaming I was taking pictures of a vaulting performance and didn't really want to wake up until the performance was over. Emily got the paddocks mowed, the pond pasture mowed and the pasture behind Ribbon's paddock mowed. The ground is so dry the mowing was easy. Yesterday Mark got a lot of the trails mowed.We moved a new round bale in for Nikki, the big gaited mare here to be bred to Evan. As soon as Emily finished with the tractor we covered Galena with Valiant and Rosaleigh with Evan. Marika, Jenis and Eliza were brought into the stalls for their grain. Right about then I realized the phone had been left at the Berean office so after dinner I drove back to pick it up. Mark went out to work on trails and finished mowing all the trails below the dam. We are having lots of company 4th of July weekend and wanted to get the trails in shape. We will be bringing home more of the riding horses before that weekend. Marika's udder was checked and some colostrum drawn for testing. She is testing about 250 but she did that last time for over a week. She is stalled for the night with the monitor on. The other mares were put back out. Marika isn't due for 16 days.
We are anticipating rain by morning. There is a 95 % chance according to weather.com and we need the rain so badly.

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