Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Vaulting Clinic

Today was the second day of the 4 day vaulting clinic Karin is putting on this week for a group that came up from the Springfield, IL area. This group is interesting to watch as they want to learn.

 When they took a break the young ones in the audience got to try riding Ribbon too.

 The little kids had fun watching the big kids vault. 

 After vaulting was over we headed to mom's beach to cool down and spent the afternoon swimming in the lake. 

 Kensley is trying to fill great grandma's shoes. Do you think she will be able to?
We all had a busy day and will sleep good tonight. The hay was raked but not baled, the baler broke after getting around 10 bales done. They said it was just one little part that they were not able to get until morning so would be back tomorrow as soon as possible to finish up.  Mark drove to church with a full car. David Obgerfel had the service. Always good to listen to the truth.

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