Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pretty Puppies

The weather has been absolutely wonderful, low humidity and highs low 80s. We had our window open last night and then promptly overslept, jumping out of bed around 5:30 am. I really missed that extra half hour when it came time to feed and prepare the lunch for Bereans. The horses had to wait for their breakfast until after lunch. They will be fine. We had a good day at the Berean office. To read about our morning there click HERE.
This evening some of the quilters ate at Gils then came over to mom's to see Miss Molly's pretty puppies.

If you would like to see the rest of the puppy pictures click HERE. Once they all got their puppy fix Sarah Reinhard and I took them on the golf carts and gave them a tour stopping first at the cabin to see Eliza and Sheena along with their colts.

 Next we went to the farm to see the horses over there then headed over to Joan's house to see Mackenson's fort. They were very impressed and all 6 could easily fit in this Haitian house.
 Sarah's goose came walking up for attention. This gosling started as an egg someone found by the side of the road. Sarah incubated it and it hatched then imprinted on her. He or she follows Sarah around like a dog. 
 It even stands for petting. 
 We picked up another passenger and like any good Haitian, if there is no room on a seat just climb on the roof. Hannah went with us through Rachel's yard and over to mom's where we dropped off all the passengers.
 Below Sarah is waiting for me to take her back to mom's so she could get her car and take Hannah home. Mom had plenty of left overs to feed them and if it was from Gils it was surely good. 

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