Saturday, June 25, 2016


Amy and I are sitting in the house in front of the monitor watching Marika. Earlier I was sure she was going to deliver tonight. She was restless, sweating, pacing, laying down and groaning. Amy was sent a text that Marika was in labor so she jumped in her car and drove here only to find Marika had settled down and was eating her hay. Bummer.
We had a LONG busy day Friday, technically it is after midnight but still feels like Friday since I haven't been to bed yet. Anna dropped off the girls early so right after breakfast we took the golf cart over to the playground where we found some second cousins to play with. Tara's girls walked over to play.
 Tara has Jane the same age as Braelyn and Kate the same age as Taegan. 

All the girls were pretty thrilled when mom let the puppies out.

Of course these puppies are so cute I took a lot of pictures. To see the rest of the pictures click HERE.
Rhoda arrived with Addyson, Jack and Jace about the time Rhonda brought the 4 wheeler over with Ezra. Rhonda and Tara offered to watch ALL the children while we went over to tease and cover Nikki with Evan. We teased Prissy and she was already out.  Right after that Dave came to pick up his Appaloosa mare. As soon as she was loaded, Rhoda, Sarah, David, and I plus all 7 grand children went to Wild Life Prairie Park. Sarah had a pass for 10 people and Kensly was under 2 so got in free.
We had a good time looking at all the animals and hiking the trails.
 To see all the pictures from today it would probably be best just to click here instead of me trying to post any on this blog. When we got back we had a late lunch then Rhoda gave Addyson and Braelyn a riding lesson while Sarah and Anna took the rest of the kids over to Diane's for swimming. And now that this is done it is time to go back to watching Marika on the monitor. This foal is not in any hurry to get here.

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