Thursday, June 2, 2016

Not Overwhelmed

Sangria and her filly were settled in a stall for the day then I took the golf cart to meet the walkers. Of course we had to stop at the barn to admire this big pretty filly.

 After the walk Diane drove to TEMCO to pick up the Berean mail while I headed to the office. We had a good fun day there. We enjoy working together with so many different ages. To read about our day there click HERE.
As soon as I got home Sangria's stall was cleaned and the filly's umbilical cord iodined again and Sangria was cleaned up. On the way back to the house I noticed the goose family was up near the bank. What is interesting about this family is they only hatched out 5 eggs. Count the goslings in the picture below.
 Sarah Reinhard brought home a young gosling from the goose ranch that had been injured badly probably by a snapping turtle. The gosling was not expected to make it but Sarah nursed it back to health then introduced it to this family and they took it in. Mr Gander and Mrs Goose are taking very good care of their family of 6. 
The horses in the pond pasture saw me over taking pictures and came running over to see if maybe I had something for them. Either that or they wanted their pictures taken too.

While they were all over on the other side of the pond grazing I moved a bale in one of the shelters of the middle paddock. We have sonagrams scheduled tomorrow morning for Indy and Soul and if they are confirmed in foal they will be heading to Middle Grove. Ella is here to be bred to Evan. She is spending time down by his paddock but not showing yet. Galena is still in and covered tonight by Valiant. The appy mare was teased today but not yet in. She really is a big mare.

 Mike brought the Yanmar over to help Mark with the hole he is digging. We are going to have a hydrant going into the back of the barn that will run pond water for watering the arena. 
Rhoda sent an update on Rosalie, she writes: Rode Rosalie outside the round pen today, she did wonderful, she even went in the lake for me. We love to hear updates like that, this huge 3 year old is going to be another keeper. I think we all have problems getting attached to the inventory around here.
We had a beautiful busy day and I am thankful!

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