Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Just a Tease

After midnight the bedroom lit up with a bright flash followed by a loud crack of thunder. Right about then Emma tried to crawl into bed with us. There is no room on our queen size bed for an English Mastiff and us. She was taken out of the bedroom and both doors shut. That kept her out but did not keep out the sound of pitiful whining. The subsequent crashes of thunder mostly kept that sound out. We were very pleased to hear the rain hitting the roof but awoke to such a small amount we felt that we had been teased. I only did one round of walk as I needed to pick up the Berean mail at TEMCO. Even though I arrived 10 minutes early, Chuck and Glenna were already there waiting to start. We had a productive day there and when we walked out of the office rain was coming down in sheets, for just a few minutes. I was praying that rain had fallen first in Hanna City but it became obvious the closer I came to home the dryer the pavement was and when I pulled in all was completely dry. We didn't get any from that shower, and the sun was heating the moist air up until it felt like it was 100 degrees, although the high was only 90. Emily and I went to work on cleaning Valiant's shelter and paddock, moving a new bale in for him and covering Roxanne with Evan. Today Roxanne stood like a pro and the job was accomplished within minutes. By this time it was after 4:00 pm. The tractor was just left in the yard as a bale needed to be moved into the middle paddock after supper which Mark helped with. This evening we listened on line to VBS, the speaker was Jeb Rocke who just happens to be the brother-in-law to Rick Kaisner yesterday's speaker. VBS has been such a blessing over the years for the Peoria church and this year is no exception.
A notification came in from Anna, the owner of Jazz that she was confirmed in foal. Jazz is a Saddlebred mare that has had 3 Raven foals over the years. She will have a foal by Valiant, Raven's son, in April 2017.
Rebecca the owner of Jewel's 2013 filly by Evan sent this picture:
Rebecca writes: Judy,
Sky is now measuring at 66 inches (16.2 hands) at the withers.  I do believe you are right when saying she takes after her grandsire Raven. Everyone loves her, she has the best personality. I call her my 1400 lb dog.
We love to hear updates like that. Jewel is expecting another foal by Evan in July. Let me say that everyone that owns one of these very special foals KNOW without a shadow of a doubt they have something special. She throws the best of the BEST!

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