Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ylse's Filly - Sale Pending

It looks like Ylse's filly will be heading to Georgia the first week of December. This will give us time to wean her, get her coggins drawn and health papers ready. William, the man buying her is running to the post office tonight to get the deposit in the mail. The sad fact is a lady from Michigan was also interested but William actually emailed first. Too bad we don't have another to offer her. Some of the ads placed for the filly have been changed to Sanna. We hate to see her go but really need to cut back on horses. Mark told me if I can get down to 20 horses before winter I don't have to make a skid steer payment. He doesn't think this is possible but prayer is an amazing tool. Sanna has given us 3 beautiful fillies and is in foal due May 10th, 2011. She has the extreme FEATHERS and throws this in her foals. She rides and drives and is beginner safe, in fact she is so safe she is the horse Mike puts his dad on for trail rides. We are only asking $10,000.00 for her, that's like getting 2 purebred Friesian horses for the price of 1.

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