Friday, July 16, 2010


Tonight after dinner Mark and I went out to the farm to clean up shingles from the porch roof. I took a break to take some pictures of Autumn. Earlier I had someone email on her and realized we had no updated pictures of her. I still need to get some riding pictures, but at least these have been posted on the website.

After filling the truck, Mark asked me if I needed to do anything else before leaving for home. I was hot and tired and told him no I was more than ready to go. We started home turned on Smithville Road when I remembered that both Jenis and Wynne had been put out to graze and they couldn't be left loose. Mark graciously turned the truck around and back we went. Both mares were more than ready to be put away.
By the way, Autumn is by our Friesian stallion RAVEN and is the full sister to the Grand Champion at the Friesian Sport Horse Inspections. She has wonderful movement, is slightly over 16 hands, has very balanced conformation, well trained to ride and beautiful. Autumn has a great disposition, wants to please, and she is a favorite with the camps.

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