Thursday, July 1, 2010

Addyson and the Pony

After the walk today, my car was left and the truck and trailer brought in to Bridlewood for a good cleaning. However the power washer ran out of gas about half way done, then Taunya and Rhoda wanted to meet Anna for lunch so I quit. After a quick clean up shower I got to play with Addyson.
My sister Beth bought this pony at a garage sale and offered it to me for my only granddaughter but... Addyson is terrified of it.

We got her on thinking she would enjoy it once she figured out what the pony does. We finally got her to smile but she never enjoyed playing with the pony like I thought she would. She loves being on the REAL ponies.
One of her favorite toys is great grandma's chair from when she was a baby. She loved playing with the dolly getting on and off the chair.
Once Taunya and Rhoda are home, I'll finish the trailer washing. The girls stopped and picked up gas for the machine.

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