Monday, July 19, 2010

Aragon & Velvet's Colt

This morning early,Steven Marchel hooked his monster truck up to the trailer so we could pull away right after the walk. We wanted to take Autumn, Mika, and Bunni back to Middle Grove and pick up Big Sally. The video camera was taken out thinking we would try to get some videos of the individual horses but it didn't work out too well. The rain started before we were able to finish. Aragon's movie below was cut short, can't have the camera getting wet.
Chloe was worked with and we got a few good pictures of her but she didn't show off at all so will wait on her video. Chloe is a yearling, out of Walker Sally and is for sale for $2500.00. She comes with a discounted breeding to Evan at age 3. She is a pretty filly and will have a beautiful 75% Friesian foal when old enough.

We pulled out as the rain was starting to come down harder but there was no rain at all by the time we pulled in at the Hanna City farm. We brought Velvet and her colt along to make his video and did so since the rain was holding off. He really has fantastic movement and will be black once his foal coat is gone.
Once home the rain started in earnest and actually is welcome. The fields were pretty dry. Then Mike called and asked of we let horses out to graze. Nope, we just accidentally left the first pen open. We took Mika, Bunni and Autumn out of the first pen but then put Sally and Velvet in the far pen with the back open not too smart.
Ylse is now out of season, Jenis is still in and was covered, after all we didn't want Raven to make the trip over to the cabin for NOTHING!

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